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I need you to be my Hodor. I have to ride on you like Bran Stark. Just pick me up. Pick me up, Hodor (x)


Geoff the sarcastic guy


|Rooster Teeth challenge|

2/2 Achievement Hunter teams - Team “No girls Allowed”/Team Thugs/Team good looking (second photo credit)

””“The reason I say Team “No Girls Allowed” is that I’m annoyed by all the comments that say Lindsay shouldn’t be in Let’s Plays and make sexist comments. To me, it’s a big fuck you to all those people. I want them to know we see their ignorant comments and that we don’t care what they say.”“”



Super Bass (Japanese Version) | Cover by CREAM (Originally sung by Nicki Minaj)


TEAM R.W.B.Y. compilation

with some face details!

Edit: Now comes in wallpaper size! 1280x1024 & 1920x1080

(Commission are open!)


It’s okay Torchwick, I think you did a good job stealing all that dust. 

anonymous asked: sarge or felix